The Birds and The Bees

But mostly . . .

“The Flowers and The Trees”

We’re leaving tonight for the States and since most of the packing is done and other details are taken care, I thought why not publish a quick post while we’re still in Ecuador.

Recently on my daily walks I’ve been more intentional about taking pictures of the beautiful flowers, trees, animals and natural beauty that is interspersed with the urbanity of this city of half a million.  So here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

 First, the Birds

Most of the pictures I have are chickens.  In addition to barking dogs, most Cuenca residents must endure crowing roosters.  I’d rather hear roosters than car alarms, but that’s another post.

I HOPE this is a chicken coop!
This big, beautiful rooster and I had a staring contest.
A young hen like this might be in the market tomorrow.
Many chicken families of all sizes hang out near the busy roads. They must be pretty street wise as I haven’t seen a squished chicken yet.

image image















You have to be really patient to get a picture of a hummingbird but they come to our feeder many times daily.  They also are extremely territorial so we often see them chasing each other off.

This picture courtesy of Duncan Gano.
Like in most cities, pigeons are wherever there are people.
brown bird
And these little brown birds might be plain-looking but they have a beautiful song!

 And The Bees

Well, not really because I find it hard to get close to bees and take their picture.  I’m not sure if it’s me or them.  Okay, it’s me.  But we do have a couple of bees nests near where we regularly walk.  One of them is on a very busy street inside a hole in a concrete utility pole!  We always try to remember to walk on the outside of the sidewalk at that point.  The bees are not crazy about humans walking through their front yard.

Fortunately, we don’t see too many creepy crawlies here in Cuenca.  If we were on the coast or in the jungle, that would be a different matter.  Here’s a couple of bugs I’ve seen within the last few months.

This rhinoceros beetle was trying to right himself. I did not help him. I know – where’s my humanity?
This earwig was on our floor. Suffice it to say, this was his LAST (probably only) picture before his eviction from our apartment.

Like hummingbirds, butterflies are difficult to get to stand still for photo ops.  But we do see them flitting about all the beautiful flowers now and then.  I’ve seen quite a few painted ladies.

painted lady butterfly
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Now for the Flowers and the Trees

Ever notice how flowers and trees stand still for pictures?  I like that.

I love these “Giant Pineapple” palms.
Lots of these pretty pink hibiscus to be found in Cuenca.

image image  image image image image image image image image image image image

These trees full of yellow blooms are everywhere right now.




And our neighborhood cows.

In other news . . .

This past weekend, Cuenca celebrated its 458th birthday.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of anything from those festivities because we were recuperating from the exertion of our chorale concert last Thursday.  But our good friends Kathy and Lance documented what they saw very well on their blog “Rambling On”  (  Maybe next year.

Just to prove that we actually did HAVE a chorale concert that took up the majority of our time the last few weeks, here are the Youtube links for our performance.

Alleluia  <>

A Penny Worth of Mirth  <>

Bouree  <>

Brahams  <>

Come Live with Pleasure  <>

Danza  <>

How Merrily We Live  <>

Let There Be Music! Let There Be Song! <>

Romance De Mi Destino  <>

Simple Gifts  <>

Sing For Joy Alleluia  <>

Sing Out With Joy  <>

Time Is Eternity  <>

When I Admire The Rose   <>

 Bonus Photo

Confluence of the Tarqui (brown) and Yanuncay (clear) rivers.

What we’ve learned:  One’s camera needs to be in one’s hand at all times if pictures are to be taken.  If one’s camera is in one’s backpack, that’s where it stays.

What we need to learn: Not to say what our next blog post will be about because inevitably, it won’t be about that!


6 thoughts on “The Birds and The Bees

  1. Very beautiful, Mara! Don’t know how you have time to do all this – ESPECIALLY the day you leave for the States! Hope you have a fantastic trip back and return here safely and soon (which is when?) Love to you both ❤


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