Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Life Goes On

or “We’ve Lived In Cuenca For One Year!”

October 8 was the anniversary of our move to the Southern Hemisphere.  We had such a busy day that we didn’t even remember until after 6 pm so we didn’t do anything special.  However, the Cuenca Fire Department had a parade of all their trucks in our honor!


So on this  occasion, and since it has been over two months since I last posted, it is time to get everyone caught up on the momentous and mundane of Los Gano de Ecuador!

Kathleen’s Visit

By far, the most important event of the last two months has been the visit of our daughter Kathleen.  We did a few touristic activities but mostly we enjoyed being together.

Kathleen’s arrival at the Cuenca Airport after more than 24 hours of travel. There were lots of tears and Kathleen will probably kill me for posting this picture but I’m sure the inalienable rights of a mother to show pictures of her children will stand up in any court of law!
We had a lovely daytrip out of Cuenca to the Yungilla Valley where this waterfall “El Chorro” was a perfect backdrop.
This was the highlight of Kathleen’s trip as far as I am concerned: singing together at Cuenca Christian Church.
Here we are about to embark on the double decker bus tour of Cuenca. Many cities have these tours but what is unique about Cuenca’s is the possibility that you might not return with your head attached to your body. There are many low hanging wires and tree branches to watch out for!
Of course Kathleen’s mere presence was all we really needed but it didn’t hurt that she brought all this loot for us, too!
In honor of Kathleen’s visit and our almost one year anniversary in Cuenca, we threw a party! 45 people graced our home with their presence that Sunday afternoon.
We could not have enjoyed our 45 guests at this party without the help of my “Empleada del Dia” (maid for the day) Brenda! She is amazing but very expensive. You have to be her really good friend. I love you, Brenda!

















Learning Spanish

The process of becoming at least “functionally literate” in Spanish takes a lot of our time but I love it!  I can really tell I am improving and that spurs me on to work harder.  I have to be careful not to get a big head when Ecuadorians tell me I speak Spanish very well.  Ha!  They just are such nice people 🙂

This is my awesome Coffee Club Spanish teacher Ana Luisa whom I adore! I have completed five regular courses with Ana as well as a few week long intensive conversation classes. Ana also has organized several of the great day trips we have been on.
Johnny Pinos is our private tutor, Spanish pastor, and our great friend!












We also participate in a Spanish Language Meet Up once a week in a local restaurant.  For two hours we speak only Spanish (usually) with Gringos learning Spanish and generous Ecuadorians who give of their time to show us how it’s really done!

Teaching English

To reciprocate for the Spanish conversation time mentioned above, both of us also attend the English Language Meet Up.  Glenn usually works with Hugo and I work with Helena.  This activity really brings home how weird the English language is.  For us, pronouncing Spanish is not that hard as letter sounds are very consistent – it’s the grammar and syntax that get us.  But for English learners, it’s all about the pronunciation!

I also teach English to children three times a week.  I know, what a shocker, right?  Once a teacher, always a teacher.  But I receive great joy in the planning and implementing of the lessons and activities.  And as in my past as a professional teacher, I always find some great people to work with!

Two days a week I teach at the Language Connect English Kids Club which is one of the many effective ministries of “Ministerio Pacto de Fe” run by Bobby and Lori Leek.
We have had anywhere from one to eight students, ages three through ten. They are huge fun! Here, I am using finger puppets and trying very hard to get a couple of these little girls to remember the words “brother” and “sister”.
One morning a week I join my friend Kathy (also a retired kindergarten teacher) at the Fundación Solitierra Centro Infantil to teach 17 second, third and fourth graders. This is a challenge but Kathy and I work really well together, I think, and we are making progress.

Social Life

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the social opportunities as they present themselves but somehow we manage.  Going out for lunch or dinner with new and old friends tops the list.  We also try to attend most of the free concerts by our symphony orchestra and chamber groups.

Ensamble de Cámara Ad Libertum was the most recent performance we attended. It featured our friend Daniel Brito on piano (not shown in this picture, sadly), three string players from the Cuenca Symphony, and Colombian soprano Sandra Echeverri. It was awesome and free!
Dinner at Anubis with new and old friends.
Mara’s birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant “Mastranto Life and Food” with some of our very favorite people, Greg and Brenda Angstrom.  Mastranto’s is owned and operated by our Venezuelan friend Marco Acosta and his family.  If you live here in Cuenca, you should give Mastranto Life and Food a try (Juan Jaramillo 8-21 y Luis Cordero).


When our daughter Kathleen became engaged to Chaz Hart back in August we were not able to physically attend the engagement party. However, through the miracle of SKYPE, we were able to celebrate with Greg and Brenda in our Southern Hemisphere Satellite Party. Not quite the same as being there but a lot of fun anyway!

This and That

Another major activity in our lives is serving at our church.  Cuenca Christian Church is now a bilingual church!  Glenn and I both play and sing in our worship band and I usually put together the lyrics in BOTH English and Spanish for the powerpoint slides.  We have been singing more and more of our songs in both languages which also helps with our language acquisition.

Our church is housed on the second floor of a colonial house in the center of Cuenca (6-23 Simon Bolivar).
We will once again sing in the “Old Cathedral” on December 21. Another concert is planned at Iglesia San Roque on December 17.

The Cuenca International Chorale and Ensemble has resumed rehearsals for the second half of its 2015 season.  We sing in both groups and gain much enjoyment from our time spent preparing and performing the music.  This December we have two concerts scheduled.  Glenn is also singing in a barbershop quartet for the first time.

Speaking of Christmas, guess what I saw being erected in Mall Del Rio on October 5th?

This is pretty early by anyone’s standards, don’t you think?

We’re coming pretty close to the end of this marathon blog post (phew!) but I must leave you with a couple of animal pictures.

Here is one of our “pet” hummingbirds that eats us out of house and home (slight exaggeration!)
This little dog is NOT in jail and seemed perfectly happy to watch the cars and pedestrians go by.









What We’ve Learned:  That we have a lot of great friends.  Thank you to everyone who came to our party.

What We Need To Learn:  To like soccer (fútbol) but I don’t think it’s going to happen!


11 thoughts on “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Life Goes On

  1. Love to read about all you write, Mara – especially living in this city and sharing some of the same fun and friends – thank you 🙂


  2. What a lovely and interesting update. Glad Kathleen was able to visit—and I agree moms can post pictures😉👍. Congratulations to her on the engagement too. I retired early this summer and am in Hawaii helping take care of my grandson Caio a couple days a week. So far I don’t miss the classroom at all!!!


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